5G Report

FEBRUARY 18 2019

RF Devices / Modules For 5G & 5G/NB-IOT 2018-2027

We have issued a market analysis report covering our outlook on RF circuit for 5G and the market size forecast of high frequency omponents and Front End Modules.

In this report, we speculate the trend of 5G implementation, shipment size forecast of 5G products, trend of 5G’s RF circuit adoption, as 

well as the market size forecast of 10 years later, of high frequency components and Front End Modules including the ones for 5G.

We are also offering a special discount for repeat customers of our company’s reports.

Please excuse us for asking this, but we would greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at the content introduction file attached and 

consider the offer.

Brochure of RF Devices / Modules For 5G & 5G/NB-IOT 2018-2027
Adobe Acrobat Document 503.6 KB
Sample of this report
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