Company Name








Head Office



Navian Incorporated.


Yoshiyasu Andoh


Sep. 7, 1998




2-18-2, Zenpukuji, Suginami-Ku, TOKYO

167-0041 JAPAN


Tel +81-3-5303-1303

Fax +81-3-5303-1304

Business outline

-Publication of marketing research reports focusing on electronics industry.


-On-line NEWS related to electronics industry.


Our Policy

・Navian strives to present the world's best-quality investigation and research results. 


・Also, as our primary task, we regard such investigation and research results to serve as an aid to develop the target

industries and the market.




・We put our efforts in creating positive relationships with the companies and their staff in charge of cooperating with our investigation and research activities, through sharing as much feedback as possible.




・The themes for our investigation and research activities are selected strictly by us.



・We also do not accept the kinds of delegated investigations that may harm the profits of the companies we interview.



・The results of our investigation and research will be presented in forms of market reports we issue, Navian NEWS, lectures such as seminars, and all kinds of consultations, at a price or without charge, based on our judgment.



Contract Research & Consulting

Based on the results we achieve through our investigation and research activities, we offer consultations and lectures, and delegated services such as document preparations that suit your needs.





Please feel free to call us or e-mail us to find our more.

Tel +81-3-5303-1303




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