Here at Navian, we issue 2 kinds of periodical reports as mentioned below.

We also irregularly issue special reports focusing on specific themes.


1.RF Devices / Modules For Cellular 20xx-20●●: Medium-Term Forecast Report


●Frequency of Issuance

Once a year



5-year estimate and forecast of shipping size of cellular devices such as smartphones, by product type and by cellular standard.

5-year estimate and forecast of market size or RF components and modules.

Teardown information on major smartphones and report on RF circuit trend discovered from the analysis.


●Latest Report & Contents




2.RF Devices / Modules for Cellular Quarterly Market Report: Quarterly Report


Frequency of Issuance

4 times a year (every Quarter)



Reports aim to analyze the latest and short-term market trend.

Quarterly shipment record of cellular devices by product and by standard, and yearly shipment outlook.

Quarterly market size of high-frequency components and modules, and yearly market size outlook.

Teardown report of latest cellular terminals such as smartphones.

Proposal of quarterly reports can be downloaded.


●Latest Report & Contents




High-frequency components and modules subject to investigation (for both medium-term forecast reports and quarterly reports)



Front End ModuleASMRX ModuleTX ModulePAiDFEMiDPAMID5G TX Module/PAMiF・MultiplexerDuplexer Bank・5G RX Module) 

Antenna Switchfor Main RFfor RX Diversity Power Amplifier Module Duplexer Band Pass Filter TCXO