Navian released ”RF Devices / Modules For Cellular 2022-2023'".

Navian has published a market research report titled "RF Devices / Modules For Cellular 2022-2023," which summarizes market size forecasts for high-frequency components and modules used in cellular devices such as smartphones.


According to the report, the shipment volume of cellular devices such as smartphones in 2026 is predicted to reach 3.25 billion units, of which 2.19 billion units are expected to be 5G devices.


The total market size for RF components and modules in 2026 is predicted to be $48.29 billion. However, the report also indicates that the market size for NET will be $32.96 billion after removing the demand for FEM such as Duplexers and BPF.


While the spread of 5G was stalled in 2022 due to factors such as the prolonged lockdown in the Chinese market and semiconductor supply chain disruptions, it is expected to resume its growth trajectory from 2023 onwards. The report anticipates increased demand for existing frequency bands due to the diversification of transceiver circuits in addition to the FEM for Sub-6GHz and millimeter-wave applications.

Brochure for 'RF Devices / Modules For Cellular 2022-2023
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RF components and modules Market Forecast

※For Handset=Net Market Size(removing the demand for FEM such as Duplexers and BPF)

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