Market research outline of 5G forecast and RF Market analysis such as RF components and FEMs.


Navian Inc., specializing in market investigation of high-frequency components for wireless communication devices such as smartphones, released “RF Devices / Modules for Cellular for 5G & 5G/NB-IOT” which is an investigation report that covers our market size forecasts of 5G-supporting products and High-frequency Components and Modules until year 2027.


In this report, we have included all devices which possess cellular functions as our research subject. In addition to mobile phones such as smartphones and feature phones, we have also included tablet PC, notebook PC, and even automobiles.

Also in our report we have assumed the emergence of “NEW Product X”, a mobile product based on a new concept which takes advantage of the characteristics of 5G such as high-speed and high-capacity, and ultra-low latency. 

Furthermore, we have included cellular LPWA such as NB-IOT and its 5G version IOT as our research subjects.



Contents of this report




RF Components and FEMs in this report

①Front End Module-ASM・TX Module・FEMiD・PAMiD・PAMiF

②RF Components-Power Amplifier Module・Duplexer(SAW・BAW・IHP)・Filter(SAW・BAW・IHP・LTCC・IPD)


●Shipment size in 2027 of 5G-supporting products will be 1,980 million units

Total shipment size of these cellular-supporting products in 2027 will be 4,032 million units, and 1,980 million units of them are expected to support 5G. 

Mainly, the breakdown will be 1,200 million units for smartphones, 400 million units for “NEW Product X”, 280 million units for notebook PC and tablet PC, and others will account for 100 million units.

Smartphones supporting 5G are thought to be commercialized from 2019, but they will start being fully popular from late 2020 when 5G-version iPhone will be released.

Also, by looking at individual frequency range used, Sub 6GHz band which is 3.5GHz band and 4.5GHz band will account for the majority, with 1,550 million units. Milli-wave bands like 28GHz band and 39GHz band will have limited service area and devices that use the range, and therefore will stop at 340 million units. Also, 90 million units are forecasted to use 3GHz band or lower.






Market size of Front End Module and High-Frequency Component for 5G will be 12,979 million dollars 

 Market size of Front End Module and High-frequency Component for 5G is forecasted to expand to 12,979 million dollars in 2027.

Front End Module like Antenna Module for milli-waves and PAMiF (PA in Filter) for Sub 6GHz will be the engine for market expansion. 

As for High-frequency component, for Sub 6GHz, market will surface for Filter which uses technology like LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) and IPD (Integrated Passive Device).

Also, demands for Front End Module for new functions like 4x4 MIMO and Uplink Carrier Aggregation which were put in practical use from late 4G period (LTE-Advanced), and SAW Filter and BAW Filter will become full-scale along with the popularization of 5G.

This report categorizes these demands as demands for “4.5G–5G”, and they are expected to reach 10,382 million dollars in 2027.

Also, market of existing Front End Module and High-frequency Component will expand, triggered by growth in shipment size of cellular devices and band count per unit.

Total market size of Front End Module and High-frequency Component in 2027 is expected to triple from 2018, resulting with 53,060 million dollars.


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